Il Parco dell’Energia Rinnovabile si trova in Umbria tra Todi ed Amelia in :

Località Inano – Frazione Frattuccia
05025 Guardea (Terni)

Tel. 0744 988050

PeR is 575 meters above sea level and it’s located between Todi and Amelia in the municipality of Guardea. The entire area is a long way from any other industrial or agricultural zones or factories. Being a long way from industrially cultivated fields also guards against the danger of contamination from non-bio agriculture and GMO’s.

The place is really special, because it is “normal”, in that, it doesn’t have any of the trappings of mass tourism. Here the advantage is quality of life: low density population; contact with nature; you are a long way from major sources of pollution. In this area there is community interest and consequently the flora and fauna in the adjoining 6,000 hectare wood is highly valued
Moreover PeR is well located for anyone who wants to explore Umbria. You can lose yourself in the winding streets and after each turn discover a different: landscape, castle, village, fortress, palace, villa or archaeological site. This is a city of art, theatre initiatives, jazz and cultural events, that attracts people from all over the world.