montaggio palo eolico
montaggio palo eolico

We want another climate where, worldwide, human beings share our purposes.

We aim to arouse the desire and the sense of pleasure in making changes; and to succeed we intend to serve as an example and help others gain from our experience.

In the beginning you need appropriate and punctual information so as to make informed decisions.

Then, when change is underway, concrete and continuous support is required until you’re able to put the changes into practice.

We want to be happy and make others happy: Saving resources is not a sacrifice; it’s the new hedonism; it’s the new humanism.

Doing nothing is a waste of time and involves long term unhappiness, sacrifice and mourning. We are all better off when we make positive changes. At PeR we’ve invested in the following:

  • construction materials with high thermal insulation
  • reusing rain water
  • solar heating
  • biomass heating (firewood and pelleting of agricultural residues)
  • natural cooling of buildings in summer
  • domestic appliances that reduce energy consumption and water wastage
  • high-performance lighting
  • various types of photovoltaic panels
  • different types of wind generators
  • integration between photovoltaic and wind
  • tubes where you can make whirlpools (of rainwater with solar energy)
  • passive greenhouses and greenhouses heated by collectors
  • photovoltaic pumps for crop irrigation.
  • solar ovens
  • photovoltaic-electric fences to keep out wild animals (foxes, boars, martens, porcupines, badgers and fallow deer) without harming them
  • composting toilets