What is PeR? Reasons why you should come to see us

We are an Eco-Center situated in a bio-agricultural zone, where we have created an educational park dedicated to the concept of renewable energy.


We have successfully built an agricultural farm, as a model, where all our produce  and energy use the technologies and architecture required to make us totally self sufficient. A visit to our center involves seeing our operation in progress, using all our surrounding resources in an atmosphere completely natural and inviting for everyone of any age.

We hope to see you in Frattuccia (near Terni, in the locale of Inano).


The park is open every day during the summer, from 10 am until 1 pm, and from 3 pm until 7 pm.  It is possible to arrange for a guide, although you can visit us on your own.  The property has a  restaurant, where you can enjoy  our “zero kilometres” food made entirely from produce grown in the region. And you can also visit our shop, where we sell only natural food products produced nearby.

Call us! 0744-988 050.

Our Hospitality Center,  the exhibition in our “Zero Energy House” and the surrounding farm will teach you how we catch and recycle rain water; demonstrate electrical solar technology; solar ovens; solar panels; natural air cooling and heating; solar toys; electricity made from vegetable oil; different types of wind generators; self-sufficient hothouses; solar irrigation; natural building materials; solar heat; biological cultivation WITHOUT water, highly efficient electrical appliances and much more.