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A week to learn the tricks of savings.

In July, seven days to re-educate themselves to sobriety .

2 Appointments :
- From Sunday, June 29 to Saturday, July 5
- From Sunday, July 6th to Saturday, July 12

The Energy Camp – organized by FoR and PAEA – to grow, learn , share experiences, feed the body , mind and soul in contact with nature.

Sustainable development – which does not necessarily pass for economic development , in fact – you only get with major investments in energy production, but also with an efficient use of resources you already have available. So rethink how to live , to eat , to move , but not only that, but to reuse , recycle and create simple artifacts with recycled materials . An unusual holiday but not least, a special place to learn that ” less is more” .

The topics of the Program :

Guided visit to the facilities of Renewable Energy Park .
The photovoltaic system with its components .
The Solar Thermal .
Improving the insulation of the dwelling and the building envelope .
The plants Eolici .
Hydroelectric systems .
The Energy Saving home .
Biomass .
The Solar Cooking .
Repair workshops .
The Mobility .
Laboratory of solar cooking

During your stay will be organized various activities to be defined also on the desire of the participants : Trips in historic cities, beautiful places , nature walks .

Information and directions to participate all’ENERGY CAMP

The holiday , being inspired by the values ​​of saving and sharing, will include the following:


At the end of the meal everyone will be called to clear the table and will be asked to arrange for the remaining rounds of washing dishes and cleaning .


You will be the occasion to exchange items no longer needed items with other guests. Even the simple donate can be a gesture that allows us to give these items a “second life” and avoid creating more waste .

To better organize your stay at FoR :


- Flask aluminum , glass, plastic or other material

- Hiking Boots

- Binoculars

- Sunglasses, sunscreen and hat

- Soap and shampoo eco-friendly and biodegradable

- Objects to barter


Cost of course:

- Euro 390 including :

Organization , lectures , guided tour of the PER ,
board and lodging in hotel room accommodation in multiple (max 4) , for different accommodations when possible there will be a surcharge .

The kitchen is Vegetarian and Vegan by Chiara Flugy Papè

For more information:
0744 988050

Download the booking form in PDF

Download the booking form in DOC

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