The real dimension of sustainability

The real dimension of sustainability

A scientific, informative and entertainment at the forefront of research and testing of technologies, processes and virtuous actions that improve human life and reduce the impact of civil society on the planet. . Made to show that it is possible to live sustainably. And not just in words. A true path of knowledge to understand that a different future is not a dream, but it is already a reality and that the use of renewable energy systems, energy efficiency and agriculture “sweet” can easily become the norm. To see, to experience, understand and learn how technology can be at the service of man and not vice versa. You are welcome to visit our idea of ​​ecological system constantly evolving and enriched by your experiences. We do not presume to want to be a model, but simply a place of inspiration for change.


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A week to learn the tricks of savings.

In July, seven days to re-educate themselves to sobriety .

2 Appointments :
- From Sunday, June 29 to Saturday, July 5
- From Sunday, July 6th to Saturday, July 12

The Energy Camp – organized by FoR and PAEA – to grow, learn , share experiences, feed the body , mind and soul in contact with nature.

Sustainable development – which does not necessarily pass for economic development , in fact – you only get with major investments in energy production, but also with an efficient use of resources you already have available. So rethink how to live , to eat , to move , but not only that, but to reuse , recycle and create simple artifacts with recycled materials . An unusual holiday but not least, a special place to learn that ” less is more” .

The topics of the Program :

Guided visit to the facilities of Renewable Energy Park .
The photovoltaic system with its components .
The Solar Thermal .
Improving the insulation of the dwelling and the building envelope .
The plants Eolici .
Hydroelectric systems .
The Energy Saving home .
Biomass .
The Solar Cooking .
Repair workshops .
The Mobility .
Laboratory of solar cooking

During your stay will be organized various activities to be defined also on the desire of the participants : Trips in historic cities, beautiful places , nature walks .

Information and directions to participate all’ENERGY CAMP

The holiday , being inspired by the values ​​of saving and sharing, will include the following:


At the end of the meal everyone will be called to clear the table and will be asked to arrange for the remaining rounds of washing dishes and cleaning .


You will be the occasion to exchange items no longer needed items with other guests. Even the simple donate can be a gesture that allows us to give these items a “second life” and avoid creating more waste .

To better organize your stay at FoR :


- Flask aluminum , glass, plastic or other material

- Hiking Boots

- Binoculars

- Sunglasses, sunscreen and hat

- Soap and shampoo eco-friendly and biodegradable

- Objects to barter


Cost of course:

- Euro 390 including :

Organization , lectures , guided tour of the PER ,
board and lodging in hotel room accommodation in multiple (max 4) , for different accommodations when possible there will be a surcharge .

The kitchen is Vegetarian and Vegan by Chiara Flugy Papè

For more information:
0744 988050

Download the booking form in PDF

Download the booking form in DOC

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